Our Story

It’s my greatest pleasure to welcome you to fettandco.com.  Derek and I built this small corner of the interwebs to fuel our creative interests and share our designs with the world. Fett&Co. was born out of a dream I didn’t know I could ever bring to life. But with the help from Derek, family and friends, who not only helped me push myself but my dreams, I was able to make my dreams a reality. 
In 2010, I became a momma for the first time and was working on my dreams in film school. I've always had a love for any type of creative outlet, but also am very indecisive and had very low self esteem. Thus putting me on a route of trying many different career journeys. From tattoo artist to photographer - I did it all. It wasn't until I decided to put my love for Disney and planning together, that I came up with the idea of graphic design and t-shirts. In 2016, I went out on a whim and applied to become a Disney Travel Agent. After doing so, I reorganized my office, became distracted (like one does) and came across old Disney/Star Wars sketches I had doodled a few years prior. With a Disney trip on the horizon, I thought to myself, "Now these Fab Five Storm Trooper's would look great on a t-shirt!". And the rest is history.
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit our little corner of the interwebs. We love having you, and hope you might even join our Fett&Co. family on Instagram! Also, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, reviews, or just fun stories while wearing our gear at hello@fettandco.com.  We appreciate y'all! Thank you for letting us live our dreams.
Much love,

Brittany Fett 

Graphic Designer and Owner

Brittany Fett is co-owner, co-founder and lead graphic designer and marketer for Fett&Co. along side her husband, Derek. Brittany has a love for simple living, vintage aesthetic and greenery. She likes to think of herself as your friendly, neighborhood plant lady. Homesteading and living simply is her dream; fueled by her desire to have less of a carbon footprint and go green by becoming more environmentally friendly and cruelty free. Brittany was born and raised in Maryland before moving to the Sunshine State her senior year of high school. Five years later, in 2012, she moved back to Maryland, where she met her husband and started her business dream. Now in 2018, they're raising their small family together and going on a big life adventure. Her favorite things include coffee, gold & green colors, vintage interiors, gardening and plants, foxes and above all, her daughter. 





Derek the Hutt

Photographer/Communications Lead and Owner 
Derek is co-owner and co-founder of Fett&Co. who helps mostly with communications, photography, packaging and design concepts. Derek was born and raised in Maryland, where his family has resided dated back to the 1700s. With supporting his family as a technician, Derek is used to being the fixer of all things. Also, his amazing communication skills provides our business with a base for excellent customer service. To say Derek adds comic relief to the Fett&Co. team and his daily life would be an understatement; he keeps us laughing, smiling and constantly on our toes with his humor. His favorite things include driving, Mexican food, Star Wars, video games, space, but most importantly, family. Derek aspires to travel around the USA with his family in tow, all while flourishing Fett&Co. to its fullest potential.