• Sunshine Preset

Sunshine Preset

The #BRITTANYFETTPRESETS Greenery - SUNSHINE preset for Lightroom Mobile has arrived! This preset was designed specifically for Mobile photos but they can also be used on RAW or DSLR camera images as well.

No Lightroom or Adobe subscription is needed to use these presets! All you need is the free version of the Adobe Lightroom Mobile App. These presets add a bright pop of color to your mobile images, and bring out all those lovely green colors which helps your Instagram feed stand out from all of that over saturated and orange tones!

The #BRITTANYFETTPRESETS Greenery - SUNSHINE preset includes:

- The Sunshine Preset (This can be used on iPhone & Android photos, JPG, PNG or RAW images)

- An Instruction Manual on how to use and install presets

**If this is your first time using Presets for Lightroom, please read our include Instruction manual on how to use them!**

Please use #BRITTANYFETTPRESETS when using my presets on social media so I can see what you do to your amazing photos!

DISCLAIMER: All preset sales are final. Digital products can not be returned due to it's downloadable nature. We also do not accept any refunds. Any distribution of any kind of our presets is prohibited and will be met with strict legal action. Please email for any questions or concerns. 

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